Opportunities for a Future in the Financial Services Industry

Gateway to Leadership offers students from historically black colleges and universities a unique opportunity to explore a future in the Financial Services Industry. GTL places minority college students in paid internship positions with leading financial industry firms in such major cities as Boston, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. As a participant, you will get immediate, realistic information about working in corporate America, build your resume, and when you decide that a career in this challenging industry is right for you, you’ll have a foot in the door!

The program is administered through an extraordinary partnership, managed by the United Negro College Fund and sponsored by Money Management Institute and its member firms.

“What makes Gateway unique is that it creates a two-way dynamic: It introduces top students to a range of potential career paths they may not have considered otherwise, while getting participating firms to think about the work that has to be done if they are going to address the needs of an increasingly multicultural marketplace. Gateway is a success for the students and the firms, and eventually for investors and the industry as a whole. ”

—Christopher Davis, President, Money Management Institute

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    Students please contact:
    Annette Singletary, UNCF Program Director
    (202) 810-0247


    Corporate Firms please contact:
    Sarah Reinhart or Rob Howe at
    (202) 822-4949


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    “If you are looking for an internship that provides excellent exposure to the financial services industry, GTL is the program for you. I was given the opportunity to network with seasoned professionals, improve my business etiquette and communication skills, contribute meaningful projects to my host firm, and gain a greater understanding of the industry.”

    —Tiffany Ousley, 2012 Fellow

    “The GTL experience is captivating and rewarding from the moment you receive your acceptance package directing you to a two-day leadership conference and assigning you to industry-specific mentors right on through to being at the firm delivering results and showcasing your skills.”

    —Corissa Deadwyler, 2012 Fellow